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Are you planning to launch website for a product or service and looking to check out if the name you are dreaming to give it is available? Our fastest domain checker will help you do that for free.

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Frequently asked questions

Being a professional web designer, here are some frequently asked questions about domain we get from people.

Domain name is something that two persons can not use at a time. If the domain name of your dream which you want to give to your brand is not available, that means it has been registered by another person. What you should do now is to type for another keyword or pick a domain name from available domains pulled out by this tool.

Domain name extension is a keyword that is at the suffix section of a domain. For example, if a domain name is, then .com is the domain name extension.

There is no domain name extension that is the best, but they are used in different specific industries. A .com domain name extension is the most popularly used and oldest one in the world. You may choose a domain name extension that relates to your business.

A lot of people register new domain names every day in the world because new products and services are coming in. If you successfully found a domain name which you like your brand to use, simply go ahead and register it. You may see our step-by-step guide on how to register a domain name for free.

Buying a domain name is not free, but if buy hosting, some top best hosting companies give you one year free domain when you buy their web hosting. You see our expert review on to best WordPress web hosting in the world.

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